Non Emergency Medical Tranporation

Calloway's Medical Transportation provides non-emergency transportation to and from medical facilities, private residences, nursing homes, retirement centers etc. Although we are not an ambulance service, we do place professional personnel on board all of our vehicles. The vehicles themselves are not equipped for emergency intervention, the emphasis, rather, is placed on patient comfort and safe transport. This is the reason why we are the most reliable non-emergency medical transportation company the country. 



Substance Use Disorder Transportation

Individuals in recovery from a behavioral health condition often face significant barriers to accessing care, such as time conflicts, limited availability of appointments with community-based providers, and the social stigma associated with seeking treatment for a mental illness or substance use disorder. Another common barrier is lack of transportation to scheduled treatment and service appointments, and to get prescribed medications. For individuals working to recover from a mental health or substance use disorder, it is important to keep scheduled behavioral health treatment and service appointments and to keep up with prescribed medications. Otherwise, they face an increased risk of experiencing a relapse or crisis that can lead to hospitalization.  That's where we come in, at Calloway's Medical Transportation we understand how import it is to keeps these arrangements. You're our family and we want to be there for you when you need us most.


Recreation Day Trips

Our physical and mental abilities change as we get older. You may notice that your loved one’s days increasingly consist of sedentary behavior, activities of daily living (ADLs) and rest, but this provides them with little physical, mental and social stimulation that is necessary for a high quality of life. However, it can be challenging to offer activities and opportunities they are interested in and that are appropriate for their ability levels, especially when we are so busy juggling countless responsibilities.  

Here at Calloway's Medical Transportation we understand that life and business can get in the way and transportation isn't  always available should your loved one need transportation no matter if your a business or a person scheduling for someone else we are willing able to accommodate your scheduling needs.



Contracts/Special Arrangement Transport 

Calloway's Medical Transportation doesn't just serve  Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies; we also want to serve your business.